Gap gauge mini - OneTIME Tool - Woodpeckers GG-MINI-19Gap gauge mini - OneTIME Tool - Woodpeckers GG-MINI-19Gap gauge mini - OneTIME Tool - Woodpeckers GG-MINI-19>

Gap gauge mini - OneTIME Tool - Woodpeckers GG-MINI-19

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If you’re tired of struggling to get a perfect fit when setting up a dado blade, you’ll love Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tools, the Dado Set-Up Fixture and Gap Gauge. It all starts with the Gap Gauge. Squeeze it down on the stock that will fit into your dado, lock it, and you have a perfect reference for the correct width of your dado. Then, rather than messing around down inside the guts of your table saw, the Dado Set-Up Fixture lets you stack your dado blades and chippers right out in the open, without any tools. The large knurled knob spins down and locks the stack just like your arbor nut.

While the Gap Gauge is a perfect complement to the Dado Set-Up Fixture, it’s pretty darn handy any time you need to transfer an inside measurement to an outside (or vice versa). We liked the function so well we designed a smaller version, too. The Mini Gap Gauge is perfect for getting in confined spaces, like mortise and tenon joints. Either size will give you instantly matching inside and outside measurements from 1/8" to 1-1/8".

Includes: Gap Gauge mini



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