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Bosch GET65-5N - 5 In. Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander

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5 In. Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander - BOSCH - GET65-5N This ergonomically designed 5 In. sander features both a standard random-orbit mode and a direct-drive, eccentric-orbit turbo mode for aggressive stock removal. The Bosch GET65-5N Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander’s turbo mode delivers 3X the removal rate of standard random-orbit action. It has a tapered top handgrip with soft-grip design. The auxiliary handle mounts on either side of the sander for outstanding control. The sander features an enhanced multihole pad system that is compatible with a wide variety of abrasive discs. The random-orbit action both orbits and rotates to provide a well-blended, ultra-smooth surface finish. It is built with an integral pad-dampening braking system to help prevent swirl marks, plus it has a medium microcellular hook-and-loop backing pad. The die-cast aluminum gear housing with dual-bearing pad mount helps lessen vibration. This tool has an enhanced dust-collection system for maximum efficiency when used with a vacuum cleaner and hose. Large channels in the pads allow debris to be easily pulled through vacuum port. INCLUDES   ·(1) GET65-5 5 In. Dual-Mode Random Orbit Sander   ·(1) Medium Backing Pad   ·(1) Hex Pad Wrench   ·(1) Sanding Disc   ·(1) Removable Front Handle   ·(1) Vacuum Hose Adapters   BENEFITS   ·Dual-mode design – easily switches between both standard random-orbit mode and turbo direct-drive eccentric-orbit mode   ·Turbo mode – has direct-drive rotation for 3x stock removal of standard random-orbit mode, for an alternative to a belt sander   ·Multi-hole pad system – allows flexibility so tool can use a wide variety of abrasive discs   ·Versatile hose compatibility – includes extension dust tube and VAC024 Vacuum Hose Adapter for connection to 35mm, 1-1/4 In. and 1-1/2 In. hoses   ·Built-in dust port – for connection to vacuum hoses   ·Standard random orbit mode – for normal stock removal and ultra-smooth fine finishing   ·Integral pad-dampening system – helps prevent swirl marks for consistent fine finish   ·Rugged die-cast aluminum gear housing with exclusive dual-bearing pad mount – featuring a long-life design that lessens wobble and vibration   ·Slim-grip design – features comfortable, narrow grip to help ease hand fatigue   ·Constant speed – helps maintain speed under load   ·Removable pad guard – helps prevent pad from touching surfaces in front of or alongside workpiece   ·Auxiliary handle – mounts on either side of tool for greater control


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