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Vacuum M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Milwaukee 0880-20

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The Vacuum M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Milwaukee 0880-20 is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool that allows you to effortlessly tackle both wet and dry messes. With its cordless design, you can easily maneuver around your home or workspace without the hassle of cords getting in the way. This vacuum offers exceptional suction power, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. Whether you need to clean up spills, dust, or debris, the Vacuum M18 Cordless Wet/Dry Milwaukee 0880-20 is the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs.

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This powerful Milwaukee M18 Cordless Lithium-ION vacuum 0880-20 cleaner for dry debris and liquid offers increased durability and performance.

Working on all Milwaukee 18V slide-on batteries RED LITHIUM or NiCd the 0880-20 wet/dry vacuum offers long continuous run time and high air power and suction to provide quick and easy removal of dust debris and water. A washable reusable wet/dry HEPA filter delivers excellent fine dust collection and does not need to be changed between wet and dry applications. The stackable toolbox design on-board hose and accessory storage offer excellent portability and convenience a built-in blower port allows the vacuum to double as a blower and the 1-¼" hose allows standard vacuum attachments to be fastened. It includes vacuum filter hose a crevice tool and a wide nozzle. 




·         Works on all Milwaukee 18V slide-on batteries RED LITHIUM or NiCd

·         Powerful motor to provide strong suction and air flow

·         Tool box style for easy transport and storage

·         On-board accessory and hose storage

·         Built-in Blower Port

·         Ideal for both wet and dry applications

·         HEPA filter


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