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Earlex HV5500 Spray Station with 2 mm needle

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The Earlex HV5500 Spray Station with 2 mm needle is a versatile and efficient tool for all your painting needs. This spray station is equipped with a 2 mm needle, allowing for precise and even application of paint, stains, varnishes, and more. With its powerful turbine motor, it provides a consistent and professional finish on a wide range of surfaces. The adjustable spray pattern and flow control dial give you complete control over your projects, while the lightweight and portable design make it easy to use and transport. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, the Earlex HV5500 Spray Station is the perfect solution for achieving professional-quality results every time.

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The Spray Station 5500 is a professional unit designed for light contractor, occasional maintenance, woodworker and serious DIY enthusiast. The Spray Station 5500 is ideal for use in the workshop, garden or home. Water-based and oil-based coatings can be applied with the HV5500.
This model has on-board storage for the spray gun, a long carry handle for easy portability, a spray-gun cleaning kit and a one-quart pro-gun with Teflon-coated paint container that makes it easy to clean, long-lasting and non-corrosive.
Ideal for spraying walls, ceilings, doors, fences, shutters, cabinetry, spindles, iron work, sheds, decking, furniture, cars and more
Easy-to-clean Teflon-coated paint container with quick-release lever
13-foot air hose
5.5-foot power cord
Sprays a wide variety of materials
Sprays as fine as 1 inch/2.5cm
Fitted with variable output control
Press and twist aircap for faster spray pattern adjustment
Optional needle sets
Technical Specs :
One-quart capacity
Turbine motor
Neon on/off switch
Kit includes:
turbine unit, onboard storage pod, onboard hose and power cord storage, 1 quart Teflon-coated paint container with metal spray gun and stainless steel needle, viscosity cup, long carry handle.
Hints & Tips
Preparation is essential - remember to mask around the areas you are not spraying.
Take the time to ensure paint viscosity is correct. Thin paint as necessary using water or relevant thinners.
If you've never sprayed before, practice for a few minutes on a piece of cardboard to develop your technique.
Allow time for drying between coats.
Fine mists will generally dry faster than heavier coats. This will allow you to build up coats faster and there is less likelihood of runs.
Avoid spraying when windy.


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