Rockwell RK9006 BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench ViseRockwell RK9006 BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench ViseRockwell RK9006 BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench ViseRockwell RK9006 BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench ViseRockwell RK9006 BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench Vise>

Rockwell RK9006 BenchJaw Hands-Free Bench Vise

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Item # : RK9006

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-          Hands-free benchtop vise and clamping station


-          Mounts to any standard, stabilized workbench


-            16-Inch clamping range in jaws


-          Holds and supports up to 220-Pound


-          Capable of generating over a ton of clamping force (2200-Pound)


Rockwell has reinvented the vise with the revolutionary and innovative Benchjaws. There is no more hassle trying to stabilize and clamp a work piece, and operate the vise spindle at the same time. The RK9006 Benchjaws is a hands-free bench vise and clamping station that makes holding and clamping way more efficient. Now with the Benchjaws, use both hands to stabilize the work piece, and use your foot to clamp it in the jaws, giving the precision you need to clamp the workpiece where you want and how you want.

Like the very popular JawHorse, the Benchjaws has many functions, but less space is required. The Benchjaws can be left in the set-up position on a stable work table or bench, and is always ready to go. Mount the Benchjaws to the top of a workbench or work table for a versatile clamping station designed to get your project into a more convenient working position faster and easier. The RK9006 offers a huge clamping range of up to 16-Inch compared to regular bench vises. The all-steel construction provides rigidity and strength by supporting up to 220-Pound. Like the JawHorse, the Benchjaws can generate over a ton of clamping force-that's 2200-Pound of pressure.

When mounted to the corner of a work bench, the Benchjaws can be rotated as the 2-position mount allows for a 180-Degree repositioning making it convenient to work on bulky or odd-shaped projects on the front of the workbench or on the corner.

The Benchjaws also have added accessories (sold separately) to help fine tune your clamping to hold and accommodate larger pieces. The (RW9207) is an extended jaw that stretches the Benchjaws capacity to 24-Inch allowing for the capability to clamp larger pieces. The (RK9208) aligning jaw with clamping posts, is a multipurpose self-aligning clamp to help hold tapered and round objects. They are great for holding and clamping various odd-shaped projects that otherwise would need added shims to clamp in a regular vise.



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