iVAC 4&quote; Pro plastic blast gate - Ivac PBG-04-NA>

iVAC 4" Pro plastic blast gate - Ivac PBG-04-NA


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Electrically driven Automatic Blast Gate. Installed between the dust exhaust of a power tool and the main dust collector ducting. Includes plastic 4″ diameter blast gate and approved power supply

Dust collector blast gates let you control a dust collection system’s vacuum pressure in order to achieve maximum suction at a desired tool station. Here’s how they work:

at each key tool station, a hose is attached to the tool and routed to the main dust collector vacuum

for each hose run, a gate is installed that can be turned on or off. The gate is usually close to the power tool for easy access

in older systems these gates were mechanical in nature and were activated manually, that is, each gate had to be opened or closed to maximize vacuum pressure at the desired tool station. Indeed, such manually operated gates still exist today.

the blast gates are typically closed. When one gate is opened all vacuum pressure is made available to that tool station

With today’s high efficiency dust collection systems, multiple blast gates can be opened at the same time. In some instances, it’s even recommended that more than one gate be opened to prevent a system from literally collapsing. So, how do you take account of all of these issues in a modern, well equipped workshop?

The iVAC Pro family of automated dust collector blast gates lets you control vacuum flows precisely and automatically.


Brand : IVAC


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