Festool MFK 700 Modular Trim Router Set

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Due to its modular design the Festool MFK 700 Modular Trim Router Setis a cost-saving multitalent. Simply change the router base rather than reaching for a different tool and you‘ll be equipped to handle any tasks involving edges and corners. Attach the appropriate base in a few simple steps – and you‘re ready to trim veneers or rout grooves straightaway. Or round-over edges or create edge profiles or do many other things...

Work safely and achieve precise results : With its large support base and additional hand grip the MFK 700 can be optimally and safely controlled – without tilting even when routing around corners.

The parallel side fence with fine adjustment delivers perfect corners. Improved tool performance and a clean workplace: the dust extraction system – positioned directly on the base – removes chips and dust without getting in your way.

Perfectly adjusts to any material :Be it fine-tuning the routing depth to 1/10 mm or matching tool speed to material through electronic speed control: the MFK 700 can be precisely adjusted to meet your needs.

The perfect router base for veneer edge projections.

The router base is inclined 1.5° to facilitate safe routing of laminated boards. The 90° base cut-out facilitates quick flush trimming of gluedon veneer – even around corners.

Work safely and achieve precise results.  With its large support base and additional hand grip the MFK 700 can be optimally and safely controlled.  The optional Parallel Edge Guide with fine adjustments delivers perfect results when rabbeting or making dadoes parallel to the edge of the workpiece.The tool-less base system maximizes the advantage of the modular design with simple intuitive component changes.

Obtain perfect results every time!  the tool less horizontal router base is inclined 1.5 degree to facilitate safe routing of edge banding requiring no additional finish work.  the V-shaped cut-out of the base and sensor bearing guide provide quick flush trimming even around corners.The MFK 700 can be precisely adjusted to meet your needs with 1/10 millimeter adjustments to the depth of cut.

Due to its modular design the MFK 700 is a cost-saving multipurpose tool:  quickly change the router base rather than reaching for a different power tool and you'll be equipped to handle a wide range of routing applications.  attach and remove all of the components of the MFK without using a tool.The MFK 700 with its 720 Watt motor will quickly become the most versatile tool in your shop.

Quickly and easily change between the horizontal and vertical bases supplied with the MFK 700.  All components of the MFK 700 router set can be attached and removed without tools.Simply give the locking knob a few quick turns to loosen or tighten the locking mechanism for bases.  Increase productivity with the modular design of the MFK 700 base system.  One router motor multiple routing applications.

Swivel dust Extraction Connector :Festool engineers paid attention to every detail when designing the MKF 700.  The standard swiveling dust extraction connector is no exception.The swivel connector allows the dust extractor hose move freely and prevents binding.

Festool 574288 MFK700 Applications:Routing solid wood acrylic and PVC veneer, Bevelling rounding and profiling edges, Cutting grooves or trenches with the parallel side, fence with fine adjustment, Cabinet Makers - trimming veneer edge banding laminate edge forming grooving, Countertop shops - trimming laminate finishing edges trimming banding, Professional Woodworker - veneer projects light duty routing to include decorative edges profiling rabbets, Hobbyist - light duty router for common applications like edge forming grooving rabbets.


MFK 700 Router Motor

MFK Vertical Base Unit with Dust Extraction shroud

MFK 1.5 degree Horizontal Base Unit

Dust Extraction Hood for horizontal Base

1/4" Clamping Collet

Systainer #2


Power Consumption - 720 watts/ 6 amps

no-load Speed - 10000 - 26000 RPM

Depth - 14mm (35/64")

Fine adjustment - 1/10mm (1/256")

Hose connector - 27mm (1-1/16")

Collet Range - 1/4" 8mm

Weight - 1.9 kg (3.0 lbs)

1.5 degree Horizontal Base : Fine adjustment, Auxiliary handle, 1.5 degree inclined base plate, V-groove base, Bearing guide, Dust Extraction

Vertical Base : 720 Watt motor, Single knob attachment, dust Extraction, threaded base, MMC electronics, Fine adjuster, Auxiliary handle, Large base plate


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