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1/2" Pro - PM Spindle Gouge with 12-1/2" Beech Handle - Oneway 4007

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The 1/2" Pro - PM Spindle Gouge with 12-1/2" Beech Handle by Oneway 4007 is a high-quality woodworking tool designed for precision and durability. With its sharp and sturdy blade, this gouge is perfect for shaping and detailing wood on a lathe. The 12-1/2" beech handle provides a comfortable grip and excellent control, allowing for smooth and accurate cuts. Whether you're a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, this spindle gouge is a must-have tool for your workshop.

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Pro-PM turning tools are the 'elite' of all turning chisels. Made from an advanced Particle Metal, the molten steel has been compressed and sintered giving our Pro-PM turning tools a cutting edge which lasts up to four/five times that of a conventional High Speed Steel tool. The chisels are hardened to between 66° and 68° Rockwell, enabling the tools to have a vastly superior wear resistance, excellent grindability, superior toughness, a high working hardness and a high retention of hardness. The ergonomically designed beech handles fitted to these tools make the finished chisels unbeatable.


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