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Thin Kerf Ultimate PlyWood & Melamine

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The Thin Kerf Ultimate Plywood & Melamine is a high-quality cutting tool designed specifically for precision cuts on plywood and melamine materials. With its thin kerf design, it ensures minimal material wastage while delivering clean and smooth cuts. This product is perfect for carpenters, woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts who require accurate and efficient cutting for their projects.

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Flawless Finish In Veneered Plywood
Melamine & Laminates For Virtually Chip-Free Cuts

Using advanced technology Freud developed the LU79 thin kerf line of saw blades that features laser-cut anti-vibration slots that practically eliminate the vibrations that resonate in standard blades. This blade provides flawless chip-free edges in veneered plywoods fine moldings melamine laminates and crosscuts in solid woods. The combination of Hi-ATB tooth design and anti-vibration slots makes these thin kerf blades the ultimate finish blades. The result is a cut so smooth it eliminates the need for a stabilizer or a scoring blade!
High Alternate Top Bevel (HiATB)Tooth Design produces splinter-free cuts Laser-Cut Anti-Vibration Slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut extending blade life and giving a crisp splinter-free flawless finish
Diameter : 10"
Teeth : 80
Arbor : 5/8"
Kref : 0.098


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