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PTFE-based dry coating - TEFLUB - 650 ml - Molydal - TEFLUBA2

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The PTFE-based dry coating, TEFLUB, is a high-quality product from Molydal. With a capacity of 650 ml, TEFLUBA2 provides excellent lubrication and protection for various surfaces. Its PTFE formulation ensures a smooth and durable coating, reducing friction and preventing wear and tear. Whether used in industrial or domestic applications, TEFLUB is a reliable solution for enhancing performance and extending the lifespan of your equipment.
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PTFE-based dry coating - TEFLUB - 650 ml

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DESCRIPTION A dry anti-stick lubricant that can be used to protect tooling, and also as a mould release agent. As a mould release agent it is an excellent anti-sticking agent for all types of surfaces. USE A dry lubricant for wood, metal, paper, glass, rubber and plastics. Protection of tanks, cables, offset cylinders, seals, etc. in aggressive and corrosive chemical conditions. A dry lubricant for fastenings, door hinges, locks, cables, slides, threads, springs and pulleys. Lubrication in abrasive conditions (glass works , paper mills, etc.) For mould release agent: An excellent agent for plastics, laminates, araldite, etc.


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