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Lubricating penetrating oil - REMFOR V7+ - 800 ml - Molydal - REV7A3

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The REMFOR V7+ Lubricating Penetrating Oil is a high-quality product designed to provide superior lubrication and protection for various mechanical components. With its advanced formula and 800 ml capacity, this oil effectively penetrates tight spaces, reducing friction and wear. Manufactured by Molydal, a trusted brand in the industry, the REMFOR V7+ is known for its exceptional performance and long-lasting results. Whether you need to loosen rusted parts or prevent future corrosion, this oil is the perfect solution. Upgrade your maintenance routine with the REV7A3 Lubricating Penetrating Oil and experience enhanced performance and durability.
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Lubricating penetrating oil - REMFOR V7+ - 800 ml

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DESCRIPTION Colourless lubricating penetrating oil. Penetrating fluid with a low friction coefficient suitable for lubricating micro mechanisms. Compatiblle with most polymers. USE It serves for the reconditioning of all seized mechanical parts, and for the maintenance and cleaning of all mechanisms. Lubrication, light tapping and drilling.


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