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3/8" Down Spiral Bit - Freud - 76-106

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The 3/8" Down Spiral Bit by Freud (model 76-106) is a high-quality cutting tool designed for precision and efficiency. With its down spiral design, it ensures clean and smooth cuts in various materials, including wood, plastic, and laminate. This bit is perfect for plunge cutting, grooving, and dadoing applications. Its durable construction and sharp cutting edges make it a reliable choice for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Upgrade your woodworking projects with the 3/8" Down Spiral Bit by Freud.
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3/8" Down Spiral Bit - Freud - 76-106
Down spiral bits are a great choice for grooves and dadoes in single-sided veneers and laminates where chip removal is not a problem, or for through-cuts where finish quality on the top surface is the primary consideration. Also cuts well in solid wood. Ideal for use in CNC routers. When used in hand-held or table-mounted routers, use care to keep router and work piece under control.

Chip free cuts on top surface of laminates and veneer panels
Use in CNC, hand-held and table-mounted routers
Freud Premier Solid Carbide

Ideal For: grooves, dadoes and through-cuts in single-sided material


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