Paquet de deux batteries BL-1840 18V. 4AH. Makita - 196406-9

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Battery 4.0 Ah providing 33% longer operating life compared to 3.0 Ah batteries, without increasing weight or size LED charge indicator indicating approximately the remaining battery charge Integrated memory chip communicating with the charger CPU to optimize the charging process based on the specific conditions of each battery Battery protection system protecting against excessive discharge, temperature and current to improve performance and cycle time and the entire battery life (when used with a tool with STAR printing) Li-ion batteries provide longer life compared to Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries Li-ion batteries provide more cycles over the life of the battery compared to Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries Optimum charging system using 3 active controls (current, voltage and temperature) to maximize battery life Specifications Voltage : 18V Element Li-Ion Style : Sliding Duo part number: 196406-9


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