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Milwaukee 2470-21 - Plastic Pipe Shear Kit M12

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The Milwaukee 2470-21 Plastic Pipe Shear Kit M12 is a versatile and efficient tool designed for cutting plastic pipes with ease. This kit includes a powerful M12 battery, ensuring long-lasting performance. With its ergonomic design and precise cutting capabilities, it allows for quick and clean cuts, making it ideal for plumbers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts. Say goodbye to manual pipe cutting and experience the convenience and efficiency of the Milwaukee 2470-21 Plastic Pipe Shear Kit M12.

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Cut cleaner, faster, closer, and longer than traditional plastic pipe shears with over 200 cuts on one battery charge. The M12 Plastic Pipe Shear can cut through 2” schedule 80 PVC in three seconds or less. It’s razor-sharp pierce-point leaves material clean, burr-free, and ready for installation, minimizing time spent on the job. Instantly open the jaw to increase productivity in repetitive cuts by using the tool’s quick blade release, and expect more work from your tool with a 3mm stainless steel blade and aluminum jaw that resists impact, water and rust.Powered by M12 REDLITHIUM Battery, you get more power and longer run-time for maximum cuts per charge. The on-board battery fuel gauge helps monitor the charge, so there’s less downtime on the job.
(1) M12 Plastic Pipe Shear (Tool Only) (2470-20)
(1) Chargeur de batterie au lithium-ion M12 (48-59-2401)
(1) M12 REDLITHIUM CP1.5 Battery Pack (48-11-2401) (48-59-2401)
(1) Carrying Case
Length : 14-3/8"
Warranty : 5 Year Limited Warranty
Battery : Lithium-Ion
Chargeur : Chargeur 12V
Blade : 3mm Reinforced Stanless Steel
Material : PVC, CPVC, ABS, BlazeMaster, PEX Tubing, Non-Metallic Conduit, Rubber Hose
Tool Warranty : 5 years
Battery System : M12 (en)
Weight : 4,3 lb


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