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Drill Block - Milescraft 1312

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The Drill Block - Milescraft 1312 is a versatile and handy tool that helps you achieve precise and accurate drilling every time. It features a durable construction and a built-in depth stop for consistent drilling depths. With its adjustable angles and guide holes, this drill block ensures perfect alignment and eliminates the risk of drilling at the wrong angle. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the Drill Block - Milescraft 1312 is a must-have tool for all your drilling needs.

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The inserted metal drilling guides offer Siv Diameters of common drilling:
1/8 ”, 3/16”, ¼ ”, 5/16”, 3/8 ”, and ½”
V -shaped grooves allow you to pierce round or angular surfaces.
TPE protects against the risks of sliding and damage to wood.
The central axes allow precise alignment during drilling.


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