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This digital plan measuring tool from Calculated Industries (6026) is made for fast, accurate takeoffs from blueprints and plans. It saves times, provides accurate estimates! Ideal for: Architects, cable system contractors, concrete contractors, contractors, electrical contractors, engineers, estimators, excavators, fencing specialist, HVAC contractors, pavers, pipeline builders, plumbers and telecommunications. Features: 72 built-in scales give you more versatility. 39 imperial (feet-inch) and 33 metric scales. 6 user-set custom scales. Perfect for scaling faxed or out-of-scale plans.  2 built-in memories. Quickly solve for area and volume. Lock switch protects scale settings from accidental changing.  Built-in counter lets you count other items (studs, piers, outlets, etc.) Roll-in distance bidirectionally. Accepts dimensions as fast as you can accurately roll them, in either direction and with either hand. Multiple dimensional units for maximum versatility. Select the most appropriate measurement units: milimeters, meters, decimal feet, feet-inches, decimal inches ,yards, including square and cubic formats. Large, easy-to-read LCD


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