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18V Li-Ion Rapid Charger - MaKita DC18RC

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The 18V Li-Ion Rapid Charger by Makita, model DC18RC, is a high-performance charger designed to quickly and efficiently charge your Makita 18V lithium-ion batteries. With its advanced charging technology, it can fully charge a battery in just 30 minutes, allowing you to get back to work faster. The charger also features a built-in fan to prevent overheating and extend the lifespan of your batteries. Compact and lightweight, it is perfect for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts who value speed and convenience.
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Charges 7.2V - 18V Ni-Cad, Ni-MH and Li-Ion Slide Style Batteries

Charges 18V 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery BL1830 in just 22 minutes!
3 Active Controls System (Current, Voltage & Temperature) provides an optimal charge and ensures battery cannot be overcharged or overheated during the charging process
Central Processing Unit (CPU) in battery communicates with charger to analyze battery and charge according to its unique condition
Forced Air Cooling Fan keeps battery at optimum charging temperature and prevents over heating
Digital Power Display indicates condition of battery and current charge level (-80%, +80%, 100%)
Use with Adapter ADP04 - Part No. #193949-2 - to charge pod/stick style batteries


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