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Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamp


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Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamps provide versatile gripping with no slipping!

Woodworkers are an innovative bunch. We enjoy the challenge of solving problems and devising ways to do things easier faster and better. Our new Knuckle Clamp is the latest example of this inventive drive. Many woodworkers have already enjoyed the quick-clamping action that's possible when you combine pivot-style hold-down clamps with aluminum T-tracks installed on jigs router tables and workbenches. Woodpeckers Knuckle Clamps take this clamping capability to a new level.

Our new Knuckle Clamp owes its distinctive appearance (and its name) to the seven circular pivot points that provide a wide range of positions for the clamp's locking knob. These multiple lock-in points maximize your clamping capabilities enabling you to deal with different workpiece thicknesses and shapes.

Knuckles aren't the only noteworthy features on these innovative hold-downs. Instead of the fixed radiused ends on a typical T-track hold-down the Knuckle Clamp has a pair of flat pivoting feet that are padded with molded rubber. This design allows you to apply even targeted pressure to lock down the workpiece without marring its surface. Molded from reinforced polycarbonate these clamps are virtually indestructible.

The Knuckle Clamps are available individually or in complete kits with the track bracket knobs and hardware for face-clamping to your work bench.

Woodpeckers has the most extensive selection of T-track and miter track products available because we know how useful these extrusions can be when they're installed in router tables jigs and workbenches or used on their own. We're proud to add Knuckle Clamps to our selection of tools that save time while improving safety and precision. To put it simply: If you've got T-track you need Knuckle Clamps. These hold-downs are certain to become true workhorse tools in your shop.

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