Standard precision miter gauge jig - Miterset MITERSETSTDStandard precision miter gauge jig - Miterset MITERSETSTDStandard precision miter gauge jig - Miterset MITERSETSTD>

Standard precision miter gauge jig - Miterset MITERSETSTD


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Cutting miter joints on a table saw can be hard. A standard miter gauge just doesn't offer the precision required to set accurate angles. More often than not you end up with annoying gaps, time spent sanding and wasted material.

Now you can combine MiterSet with your standard miter gauge. MiterSet is a category of miter gauge jig that quickly and easily sets your miter gauge to precise angles for cutting perfect miter joints every time.

MiterSet Standard is an aluminum plate bisected by a miter gauge slot. It has hole patterns for setting left and right angles up to 52.5°.

The number pattern on each plate sector represents 5° on your miter gauge. Slide your miter gauge into the miter slot. Place one pin at 00 and the other pin in the numbered hole that represents the degree angle you want to cut - right or left. Now slide your miter gauge against the two pins and lock it down. It's that simple. Your miter gauge will now cut perfect miter joints. No gaps. No sanding. No waste!

The detent bar is notched from .5° to 2.5° in .5° increments. Place the detent bar against the pins and allow the detent bar to recess against the angle that you would like to cut. For example, when the pin is set at 20 degrees and the detent bar is set at 2.5 degrees the total angle is 22.5 degrees. Slide your miter gauge against the detent bar and lock it down. 


  • Aluminum MiterSet plate
  • 2 #5 tapered pins
  • 1 aluminum detent bar
  • 2 mm neoprene rubber backing
  • Protective plastic carry case

  All components are proudly Made in the USA.

This product fits all standard U.S. miter gauges that require a .75" miter slot.


  • MiterSet is CNC milled from a solid aluminum billet. Hole placement is accurate to 1/1000th of an inch yielding beautiful, tight miter joints. No gaps. No sanding. No wasted material.
  • MiterSet is put through an electronic anodizing process to protect the product from oxidation.
  • The hole numbers are laser-etched for years of readability. 
  • The 2 mm neoprene rubber backer keeps the MiterSet firmly on a flat surface for easy use.
  • The foam-filled plastic case protects MiterSet between uses.
  • 5.875 X 5.875 X .625
  • Product weight 2 lbs
  • Shipping weight 3.95 lbs
  • 25-year product lifetime warranty
    • MiterSet is guaranteed to be accurate for the full life of the product.

4 segments

45° angle

5 segments

36° angle

6 segments

30° angle

8 segments

22.5° angle

9 segments

20° angle

10 segments

18° angle

12 segments

15° angle

15 segments

12° angle

18 segments

10° angle

20 segments

9° angle

24 segments

7.5° angle

30 segments

6° angle

36 segments

5° angle

40 segments

4.5° angle

60 segments

3° angle

72 segments

2.5° angle


90 segments

2° angle


120 segments

1.5° angle


180 segments

1° angle



Alert: This MiterSet jig is not compatible with the Dewalt 745 and 748 contractor table saw. This saw uses a bar with an inverted T-shape and it will not fit the miter slot within the plate.



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