Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™>

Milescraft 1325 - Pocket Jig 200™


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The Milescraft PocketJig200™ pocket hole jig allows you to connect your workpieces in a quick and timely manner. Whether you want to build storage projects, cabinets, shelves, or bookcases, this kit does it all. Allowing you to create corner joints, T-Joints, Framing Joints, Miter Joints, and do repairs. With built-in settings for board thicknesses, there is no need to manually measure. Just set this pocket jig to your desired setting, set the depth of your bit, and start drilling.

PocketJig200™ Pocket Hole Jig Kit – Designed To Make Repairs Simple

  • Spring-loaded sled adjust button allows the jig to be set to do repairs of any nature around your home or your shop

Built-In Imperial And Metric Scales

  • The built-in scales allow you to easily measure the thickness of your workpiece

Board Thickness Settings

  • There are four common board thickness settings built into the pocket jig: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” and 1-1/2” (12, 19, 27, 38mm)
  • Easy readout arrow to help define your board thickness setting
  • Easily adjust to your board thickness setting with the single sled design and sled adjust button

Hardened Steel Drill Bushings

  • For precise and accurate pocket holes every time using the Milescraft PocketBit
  • Tight tolerances between the bushing and the drill bit, reduce tear-out and create a clean pocket hole on the first try

Recessed Clamp Pocket With Magnet

  • Helps to keep the clamp in the same position as you move to different locations
  • With the stronger rare earth magnet, you can easily clamp the jig from one location to another
  • For speed and accuracy, use the Milescraft FaceClamps™

Convenient Built-In Depth Setting

  • Easily set your bit for the correct drilling depth

3/8″ HSS Step Drill Bit

  • Made from high-speed steel the PocketBit with a 1/4″ hex shaft is designed to reduce clogging and provide smooth and precise holes

3/8″ Split Design Stop Collar With Flat

  • The split design prevents slipping of the set screw when tightened and the flat prevents the bit from rolling
  • Includes hex key for tightening

Quick Change Compatible Connector

  • With the Milescraft Connector, you can quickly change from drilling to driving
  • Accepts all 1/4″ hex bits
  • Quickly and easily change from drilling to driving

3” And 6” Magnetic T20 Torx® Drivers

  • For maximum torque settings without stripping
  • To allow pocket screws to align with maximum precision

Rugged Storage Case

  • With designated places for components, you will never have to go digging through your toolbox for your pocket hole jig again
  • Storage compartment for 2″ FaceClamp™
  • Storage slot for PocketJig100


Material Reinforced Nylon

Drill Guide Bushing Spacing 1"

Clamping Method Works with any clamp

For use with Wood Materials for 1/2" to 1.5 thick (12-38mm)

Drilling Angle 15°

Screw and Driver Style T20 Torx

Screws 10 of each: 1" (25mm), 1.25" (32mm) coarse and fine, 1.5" (38mm), 2" (51mm), 2.5" (64mm)

Drivers 3" T20 Magnetic Head Driver and 6" T20 Magnetic Head Driver

Pocket Plugs 10 plugs

Connector Accepts all 1/4" hex bits

Drill Bit 3/8" (9.5mm) HSS Pocket Bit with 1/4" shank



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