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Say “Sayonara” To Tedious Trial And Error Saw Setups. Are you one of the thousands of woodworkers who avoid miter cuts that could produce great projects? How about compound miter cuts? Everybody knows they're a royal pain. With Woodpeckers latest OneTIME Tool, the PolyGauge SS, precise table and miter saw setups just got a whole lot easier.

PolyGauge SS, the Go, No Go Gauge for Precision Settings. Now you can quickly set a table saw or miter saw blade angle perfectly the first time. And it works equally well setting miter gauges and miter saw fence to blade angles. Use it to set a jointer fence angle for a cleanup cut. The PolyGauge SS is a precision-machined, six-sided polygon with the five angles most commonly used by woodworkers. It’s machined from 1/16" thick stainless spring steel to an accuracy of .008 degrees, a level of accuracy at least 10 times greater than similar tools commonly available.

It’s A Stand-Up Tool. Woodpeckers PolyGauge SS can stand up in a rigid position using its special base. The dual purpose knob and base is equipped with two, powerful rare earth magnets that make the PolyGauge stand erect on steel machine tops. This feature allows saw blade adjustments with both hands free. When used in the horizontal position the magnets grip the tool for use as a knob. Below the polygon is a 9/32" aluminum foot. The foot raises the tool off the machine surface to engage a machine fence or miter gauge on its flat surface for super-accurate readings.

Now Tackle Projects You Previously Avoided. With PolyGauge SS in your tool arsenal you’ll be building projects you would have run away from before.  All of a sudden multi-sided picture and mirror frames are a snap. You’ll make cutting boards with interesting shapes, multi-sided trays with sloping sides. How about a big project like a corner cabinet? Knock out tapered table lamp base. If you do lathe work, setups for segmented turnings are easy. Let your imagination be your guide.



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