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Micro Jig GRR-Rip Block


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The next evolution in woodworking is here–the versatile GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock. With its popular Green GRR-RIP® non-slip material and smart Gravity Heel technology GRR-RIP BLOCK increases safety while rewarding you with complete confidence and control over your workpiece. GRR-RIP BLOCK’s cutting edge technology increases safety and stability when working with jointers band saws router tables shapers and table saws.

With the 90-degree flip guide as a solid base GRR-RIP BLOCK makes vertical work safer on the router table. Giving you a stable base to securely feed the workpiece with even pressure allows for cleaner cuts and better fitting projects. You can even lock one of the heels away to clear the bit. Clever. 

Automatic drop-down hooks

Use the GRR-RIP BLOCK as the guidance surface for straighter cuts such as dadoing on the router table (or table saw). The Gravity Heel Hooks give you all the control you want without getting in the way.

Next level safety

With built-in in mounting points the GRR-RIP BLOCK uses the Deflector/Connector (sold seperately) as an extended guide arm when full-profile routing. It's a clear safety shield and guidance system in one. This helps you eliminate snipe by using the GRR-RIP BLOCK as the guidance surface not the workpiece.

A pushblock that puts you in control

Quickly lock the Gravity Heel Hooks into an up-position when free hand routing to avoid contacting the bit. GRR-RIP BLOCK not only works with jointers band saws router tables shapers and table saws–GRR-RIP BLOCK works with you.

5 / 5
Les meilleurs poussoirs qui soit pour la dégauchisseuse, avril 16, 2014
By Patrick R.

J'ai acheté 2 de ces poussoirs pour remplacer les poussoirs d'origine livrés avec ma dégauchisseuse car ils manquaient toujours d'adhérence. Ceux-ci ne lâchent tout simplement pas lorsqu'ils agrippent une pièce. Les crochets Gravity Heels qui descendent automatiquement au bout de la pièce sont géniaux. Jamais je ne retournerai aux poussoirs d'origine!

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5 / 5
Best jointer push block ever!, avril 16, 2014
By Patrick R.

Bought 2 of those to replace the original cheap push blocks that came with my jointer which were always lacking grip. Those ones just won't let go once they put their grip on a piece. The Gravity Heels that automatically get down are simply great. Wouldn't return to the factory push blocks.

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