Kreg Klamp Table and Steel Stand Combo KKS2000

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  • Large, 21-3/4” x 33-3/4”, clamping surface
  • Replaceable, glue resistant, melamine surface Trak on two sides of the table, provides endless flexibility
  • Klamp Blocks allow for fast, accurate, and consistent registration of workpieces.
  • Can be used for a variety of woodworking functions, including sanding, routing, layout, etc.
  • Includes Universal Steel Stand
  • To watch a video of an over-sided frame being assembled on the Klamp Table visit Kreg Media Center and choose "Large Frame Construction on the Kreg Klamp Table" under Skill Building Videos.

Designed from the ground-up as the ultimate clamping solution for Kreg Joinery™ and the perfect ‘helping hand’ around the workshop, we are proud to introduce the Klamp Table™ and entire family of Klamp System™ Components. If you’ve ever struggled to get perfectly flush Kreg Joints™, ever failed to get your clamps positioned exactly where you need them, or ever just needed an extra set of hands around the work shop, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Instead of being restrained to clamping in very specific places, Klamp System™ components let you work wherever you need to most. Utilizing a simple technology called Inter-Lok™, the Bench Klamp™ can be quickly added almost anywhere you need it, positioned precisely, rotated 360 degrees, and – just as quickly as it was added – removed to regain your perfectly flush work surface. Add a Klamp Trak™ to the entire length of your workbench or add a Klamp Plate™ to the center of your workbench, and start clamping where you’ve never been able to before. For the very first time, you can stop working around your clamps and start working with them. The Klamp Table™ combines several of the Klamp System™ components into one amazing clamping station. Once secured to the Universal Steel Stand, the Klamp Table™ provides the ultimate clamping solution for Kreg Joinery™ and almost any other woodworking task. Whether you’re joining, sawing, sanding, or routing, owning a table that was designed and built with clamping as it primary focus, makes all the difference in the world. 


It’s time you had a table that was designed with clamping as its primary focus. No more difficult adjustments and no more frustrating clamp positioning… Not one-single clamping sacrifice. Our Klamp Table™ is the ultimate clamping station for any handyman or woodworker. A great addition to any workshop. 


Durable Work Surface
Made from glue-resistant melamine, this large 21” x 33” work surface is perfect for sanding, sawing, drilling, routing, joining, and almost any other woodworking task.


Flexible Positioning
Stop working around your clamps and start working with them. The Klamp Trak™ allows you to position your Bench Klamp™ and Klamp Blocks™ anywhere along the table’s edge, and quickly remove them to regain your fl at work surface.


Precise Alignment
Made from durable, impact resistant plastic, Klamp Blocks™ can be positioned anywhere along the Klamp Trak™ allowing you to quickly register stock to the edge of your work space, and bring your entire project into alignment.

Durable Work Surface
Made from glue-resistant melamine, this large 21” x 33” work surface is perfect for sanding, sawing, drilling, routing, joining, and almost any other woodworking task.


 Rigid Foundation
Our Universal Steel Stand is the perfect foundation for the Klamp Table™. Adjustable from 31”-36”, this incredibly rigid stand includes levelers to compensate for your imperfect floor. Add Kreg Heavy-Duty Casters for additional mobility!


Versatile Clamping
Are you always looking for the right clamp?  The Kreg Bench Klamp™ with Inter-Lok™ Technology is great for almost any woodworking task. It slides across the Klamp Trak™, rotates 360 degrees, and firmly locks into place wherever you need it most.

Kit Includes
One (1) Universal Steel Stand, Two (2) Bench Klamps™ , Five (5) Klamp Blocks™, Two (2) lengths of Klamp Trak™, a durable melamine surface, Four  (4) leveling feet, and assembly hardware.

Brand : KREG

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