Automatic Dust Collection Switch box SB-NA - iVAC 10031-0100>

Automatic Dust Collection Switch box SB-NA - iVAC 10031-0100


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Features Designed for Continuous Operation.Compact and lightweight and can be wall mounted.Extends the life of your vacuum system. TUV Safety Approval The iVAC Switch Box has received TUV safety approval. Conforms to UL STD 244A and certified to CSA STDC22.2 No 14.Three Modes of Operation Auto ? Off ? OnTurn On Delay This is the time delay from when the power tool is turned on to when the vacuum is turned on. When a tool or vacuum is turned on there is an initial power surge from the AC mains. By means of the delay it avoids the two power surges occurring at the same time and causing the AC mains circuit breaker to trip.Turn Off Delay The Turn Off delay of approximately 6 seconds ensures that your work area continues to be cleared of remaining airborne debris even after the tool has stopped.Two Input power cords To permit operation from two separately protected AC mains circuits when the combined power from the tool and the vacuum exceed 15 Amps.Power Cord Protection Both power cords are individually protected with 15 Amp circuit breakers.   Specifications The iVac Switch Box is designed to operate from one or two 115Vac 15 Amp mains circuits.The power to the Tool is rated at 115Vac 15Amps and is limited by a 15Amp circuit breaker.The power to the Vacuum or Dust Collector is 115Vac 15Amps and is limited by a 15Amp circuit breaker. It is capable of powering motors up to 1 HP or 5 Peak HP.Turn On Delay (In Auto Mode.) 0.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds.Turn Off Delay (In Auto Mode.) Approximately 6.0 seconds.Turn On Tool Current in Auto Mode. 0.3 Amps to 15 Amps.

Brand : IVAC


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