Festool CT 36 AC Dust Extractor with AutocleanFestool CT 36 AC Dust Extractor with AutocleanFestool CT 36 AC Dust Extractor with Autoclean>

Festool CT 36-AC Dust Extractor with Autoclean


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The Festool CT 36-AC (584014) Dust Extractor with Auto Clean has the unique ability to deal with the dust thrown off by such an aggressive and large pad sander

Festool CT 36 AC Auto Clean Dust Extractor - For use with Planex Drywall Sander

The new Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander creates a lot of dust. Dust at this volume will quickly clog the pleats of filters of even the best dust extractors and vacuums on the market. The result? Diminished suction requiring wasted time spent cleaning off the filter. Also, additional strain on the dust extractor, possibly resulting in damage.

Quick bursts of air, created by the dust extractor internally, automatically will clean the filter allowing for uninterrupted use allowing you to focus where it counts. Save time and money.

Includes a special anti static hose that will not clink nor attract dust. Also includes open face disposable bags.

Some Festool Planex and CT 36 AC questions and answers:

Q: Does the CT 36 AC come with the standard 27 mm hose?

A: No.The CT AC comes equipped especially for use with the Planex. This requires a special and new hose. The hose is black and is Anti-static. It has a special coupler for attaching to the Planex.

Q: When you extend the Planex, do you need more or longer hose?

A: No. The Extensions are in the middle of the tool. This does not affect where you attach the hose or its position relative to the user or the CT AC.

Q: Will the Planex come with additional extenders?

A: The planex is delivered in the SYS MAXI with the ‘head’ unit, one ‘extender’ and the ‘control’ portion.

Q: What is special about the “Disposable Liner Bag” for the CT AC?

A: This bag is plastic and acts as a liner for the CT AC. The bag top is open and lines the container for easy disposal of the drywall dust. This is not for use with other CT Dust Extractors. This is only for the CT AC.

Q: Is the CT AC HEPA?

A: No. Nor will it be certified as such. It is not delivered with a HEPA filter. The filter supplied with the CT AC is different than the standard filter and is especially designed for use with the AutoClean system. Other filters are not compatible for the CT AC for Autoclean purposes.

Q: Does the CT AC come with the Blast Gate?

A: It does not.

Q: What is the “Blast Gate” for?

A: The Blast Gate serves two purposes. The first purpose is to help enact a deeper cleaning cycle of the Autoclean by cutting off incoming air for a more aggressive cycle. The second function is to act as a trap to prevent fine drywall dust from migrating from within the CT.





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