Fast-Joint JOINERY SYSTEM 14175 Black JackFast-Joint JOINERY SYSTEM 14175 Black JackFast-Joint JOINERY SYSTEM 14175 Black Jack>

Fast-Joint JOINERY SYSTEM 14175 Black Jack


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This is possibly the most unique, yet simple, router joinery system available today.

Now you can create amazing looking joint designs with your router in a matter of minutes... and no headaches adjusting for fit over and over again.

Maximum board width - 14"

Wood Thickness - 3/4" for front and back, 1/4" to 3/4" for the sides. When making through dovetails, you are limited to 1/4" to 3/8" thick material. All router bits used on the Fast Joint are 1/4" shank router bits. It is not possible to use 1/2" shank bits.

Unique yet simple system.

Setting up to make a Fast-Joint joint is as simple as chucking a router bit in your table mounted router - installing a guide bushing - setting the bit height - and clamping your wood in the jig. The fit of each joint is built directly into the template system provided.

Bit height is the only adjustment you make.

Each Fast-Joint joint design includes a precision CNC machined male and female template. These get mounted to either side of the jig platform with 4 knobs and T-bolts. Your toughest decision is choosing a joint design. Four basic designs are included with the Fast-Joint starter system.

The Fast-Joint System includes:
1 Fast-Joint Jig Platform and hardware
Fast-Joint 3/16 inch Spiral Bit
Fast-Joint 14 degree Dovetail Bit
.308 inch OD Bushing
.311 inch OD Bushing
7/16 inch OD Dovetail Bushing
Centering Pin Brass
3/8 x 3/8 inch Brass Setup Bar
3 Fixture Clamps
Also includes 4 Templates:
- Half Blind Dovetail Template Set
- Through Dovetail Template Set
- Key Template Set
- Heart Template Set

1 / 5
No Product support, April 14, 2014
By Bainbridge G.

I purchased this system and found that it did not work. The joints were too tight, they broke when cutting cross grain, and you don't have a choice in that due to the fun shapes. After contacting the manufacturer several times, I was promised a better router template, better redesigned layout templates. Nothing but lip service. Don't buy this.

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