Diamond Honing/Polishing Kit - Trend U/DWS/KIT/B

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A diamond whetstone kit comprising of:

A 8 inch x 3 inch fine bench stone.

Ideal for flattening chisels and plane blades as well as achieving a shaving edge in seconds. Precision flatness gives the ability to also sharpen spindle knives in house. The fine grit is suitable for a finish suitable for carving tools.

Complete with fabric tool holder, cleaning block and non slip mat.

Lapping Fluid, suitable for use with all quality diamond abrasive products. Use instead of water to reduce the threat of rusting by 95%. Reduces possibility of clogging and improves diamond performance.

Honing Guide, ensures correct angle is maintained on chisels and plane irons when used with diamond whetstone. Precision roller with alloy body which self-centre clamps chisels from 3/8 inch (10mm) to 1-1/4 (32mm) and plane irons up to 2-3/8 inch (60.3mm) wide. Maximum tool thickness 0.275 inch. The setting device is preset for 25 degree, 30 degree, 35 degree and 40 degree angles. Positive location for roller and blade and adjustable stop for setting blade angle.

Use with 63mm (2 1/2 inch) wide x 178mm (7 inch) long bench stones or workshop stones.

Not for use with Firmer chisels or short blade (Butt) chisels.

Honing compound bar and leather strop to hone chisels and plane irons. 6.4 oz polishing compound bar.

Used to polish sharpened cutting edges to give a highly polished, sharp cutting edge.

Includes James Barry Sharpening Made Easy DVD and Sharpening Booklet featuring hints and tips on sharpening all tools including router bits, sawblades, chisels, planes and knives etc.



What's included:

1 x DWS/CP8/FC 8 x 3-inch Bench stone

1 x DWS/HG/SET Honing guide

1 x DWS/LF/100 Lapping fluid

1 x DWS/HP/LS Leather strop

1 x DWS/HP/US Honing compound bar

1 x DVD/DWS/SME Sharpening DVD

1 x BOOK/DWS Booklet






Brand : TREND

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