Clamp Support System 24 - Woodpeckers - CSS24-PIPEPWClamp Support System 24 - Woodpeckers - CSS24-PIPEPW>

Clamp Support System 24 - Woodpeckers - CSS24-PIPEPW


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Win the Race Against the Clock Every Time with the Clamp support System 24 from Woodpeckers! 

The CSS24 is the next best thing to having an extra pair of hands at glue-up time. This simple, yet effective, clamp holding fixture buys you extra time during glue-ups by streamlining the process. The system also positions your clamps to optimize clamp pressure across panels or put clamp pressure just where you want it, as in raised panel door glue-ups. By keeping the clamp heads perpendicular to the boards’ edges, pressure radiates out evenly in both directions. This also keeps boards from sliding along wet glue lines.

It comes in two models to handle the style of clamps you’re using. The bar clamp version works with a range of clamps including bars up to 1/4" in the smaller slot and 3/8" in the wider slots. Both styles use four pieces that make up a 24" square with 10 positions for clamps on each side of the fixture.

Fast Assembly and a Variety of Sizes. The four sides of the CSS 24 are quickly assembled using notches in each bar that forms a sturdy “egg crate” joint. Notches are spaced at 4¾" intervals allowing a wide variety of fixture sizes to accommodate your glue up size. For longer panel glue-ups simply use a second, or even third, CSS 24 to handle your needs. It couldn’t be easier!

The top edge of the fixture is slightly above the plane of the bar. This feature lets the wood parts rest on this flat edge to assist in leveling the boards. It also prevents glue squeeze-out from reacting with uncoated steel that blackens wood. The fixture is made of heavy duty, 3/32" thick steel that’s 3" wide. You’ll especially appreciate the thick powder coat paint finish that dried glue barely sticks to. When it does you can easily flick it right off.

You’ll find Woodpeckers CSS 24 the best glue up buddy a woodworker can have. Put them to work in your shop and take the stress out of glue-up time.




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