24" x 32" Center Mount Router Table Top - Incra RT2432CM

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Here's a top-notch conventional style 24" x 32" Router Table with the plate opening roughly centered and the miter channel running parallel to the long edge. This table is ideal for our stand-alone Wonder Fence 37 or other conventional shaper-style fences. Use our Router Table Stands to get a head start building a cabinet. Includes an aluminum MagnaLock Router Mounting Plate and a preinstalled aluminum miter channel. Made in U.S.A.

INCRA Router Fence Systems can be installed on any router table but there's no question that using a top-quality table will improve your results. The extreme positioning accuracy of the INCRA fence systems can often spotlight issues that go unnoticed with conventional router table fences - a router plate that can move in the table's opening insert rings that aren't perfectly flush with the router plate etc. These INCRA router tables are designed and engineered to perform under the most demanding high-accuracy routing operations.

This 24"x32" table has the router roughly centered in the top and has the miter channel running parallel to the long dimension making it ideal for use with the stand-alone Wonder Fence or conventional shaper-style router fences (an offset-style table is better for INCRA positioning systems like the LS or Original INCRA Jig).

There is much discussion in the market place about what router tables should be made from (MDF phenolic aluminum cast iron etc.). Ultimately though the table's router mounting plate and HOW a router table is made will be much more important for performance than the material the material the table itself is made from.

Our router tables feature horizontal-grade high pressure laminate applied to the top and bottom of the super-flat MDF core using heat and 100000 pounds of pressure for a balanced stable construction. Each computer-machined plate opening also has ten large flat head leveling screws that form a solid steel base to support the plate and the plates are conveniently leveled from above the table through access holes in the router plates to eliminate the need to sit on the floor with an Allen wrench. An aluminum miter channel is preinstalled to accept any miter gauge with a 3/4" x 3/8" miter bar.

The Router Mounting plate is the single most important part of any high-accuracy router table. All INCRA Router Tables come standard with super-rigid 3/8"-thick aluminum MagnaLock router mounting plates that are pre-drilled for the most popular routers. The high energy rare-earth magnets of the MagnaLock System allows you to instantly remove or install the included steel reducing rings and the magnets hold the ring secure and perfectly flush with the plate every time. It's simply the most convenient and best-performing ring system available. All of our mounting plates include three laser-cut steel rings with 1" 2-1/8" and 3-5/8" openings. A simple quarter turn of the corner mounted Cam-Lock securely holds the plate snugly in the router table's recess.

Router plate size:  9-1/4" x 11-3/4" x 3/8"
Actual table size:  23.580" x 31.580" +/-0.020"

Brand : INCRA

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