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2-1/4'' Thick Kaizen Foam 2' x 4' Sheet - Rockler - 46430

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The 2-1/4'' Thick Kaizen Foam 2' x 4' Sheet from Rockler is a versatile and durable foam sheet that can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you're organizing tools, equipment, or other items, this foam sheet provides a secure and protective solution. With its thick construction and precise dimensions, it offers excellent shock absorption and prevents items from shifting or getting damaged. Perfect for workshops, garages, or any space where organization is key, this Kaizen foam sheet is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional.

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2-1/4'' Thick Kaizen Foam 2' x 4' Sheet - Rockler - 46430

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Imagine a workshop so clean and organized that you can find your tools with a blindfold on and tell in an instant if one is missing. With FastCap's Kaizen Foam it's no longer a figment of your imagination. Just open a drawer to reveal all of your tools exactly the way you organized them the cutting edges still pristinely sharp.
Unlike other versions of tool storage foam Kaizen foam is layered so you can peel out layers until you reach the desired depth. This means the foam will still have a firm backing once the tools recesses are cut out and you won't have those annoying floating islands where say the middle of a hacksaw was. If you cut the recesses nice and snug you can even mount the entire panel on the wall. Cut it to size in seconds with a table saw.
Technical Details:

FastCap Kaizen Foam is constructed of many layers of 1/8'' thick foam.
Simply trace around the tool with a marker cut out the outline and peel off the layers as you would an orange peel until you reach the desired depth.
Easily cut to size with a table saw and/or chop saw to fit your drawers or any other space.
Works much like wood.
For an easy way to create finger recesses simply heat a small piece of copper pipe and touch it to the foam—the foam melts away leaving a perfect semi-circular recess.
Perfect for router bit storage—just drill holes into the foam.

What's in the Box?
(1) 2' x 4' piece of FastCap Kaizen Foam


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