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Magjig 150 - Magswitch 8110005

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The Magjig 150 - Magswitch 8110005 is a versatile and powerful magnetic switch that provides a secure and convenient way to hold and position metal objects. With its strong magnetic force, it can securely attach to any ferrous metal surface, making it ideal for various applications such as woodworking, welding, and metal fabrication. The Magjig 150 features a compact and lightweight design, allowing for easy portability and effortless installation. Its innovative switchable magnet technology enables quick and effortless on/off functionality, providing users with precise control and flexibility. Whether you need to hold, position, or secure metal objects, the Magjig 150 - Magswitch

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Magswitch on/off magnetic MagJig150 with 150lb/67kg of vertical holding force. MagJigs are the Ultimate Workholding Clamp. Nothing else like it – ever!  Incredible hold force in a simple 180° turn! Unmatched speed strength and precision in clamping Magswitch MagJig Magnetic Clamps have REVO utionized table top workholding in woodworking and industrial fixtures.  Features fast strong set up anywhere on a steel or cast iron table or fence.  Not limited by the miter slot or table edge.  Use in your custom jigs and fixtures by drilling a hole using a 40mm Forstner bit (sold separately) into ¾” thick material.  Drill as many holes as you want for as much strength and flexibility as you need by simply dropping in more MagJigs. Featuring the patented Magswitch technology for complete on/off control super strong precise positioning.


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