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Power supply - M18 TOP-OFF 175W - Milwaukee - 2846-20

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The M18 TOP-OFF 175W power supply by Milwaukee (2846-20) is a reliable and versatile tool that provides efficient power to a wide range of devices. With its high power output, it can easily charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it perfect for both professional and personal use. Its compact design and durable construction ensure long-lasting performance, while its compatibility with M18 batteries allows for convenient and portable power on the go. Whether you need to charge your tools, electronics, or other devices, the M18 TOP-OFF 175W power supply is the ideal solution.
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Our M18 TOP-OFF 175W Power Supply delivers faster simultaneous power to personal devices and small electronics.

Attach any M18 battery to provide continuous power or recharge devices with (1) AC 120V outlet, (1) USB-C PD port, and (1) USB-A port.

You can quickly charge up to three devices at the same time, without the barriers of speed throttling. By connecting any USB-C cable to the USB-C PD port (45W), this battery inverter is capable of recharging devices, from a fully depleted state to 80% capacity, up to 75% faster than conventional wall chargers (5W). The MILWAUKEE compact portable power supply has an attached metal rafter hook that can be extended to hang it from carts, lumber, or other jobsite materials when worksurface space is limited.

You can instantly set up a mobile workstation or keep electronics securely within eyeshot, rather than making frequent trips to a wall outlet.


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