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INCRA LS Standard System - 25" & 635mm Range - LS25SYS

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Patented Lead Screw Technology makes every fence position repeatable and micro adjustable along the 25" or 635mm fence travel.  Produces super accurate joinery from basic to unbelievable.   You spend a lot of time at your router table doing basic shaping and edge forming operations, but ultimately it's joinery that holds your projects together. At some point in our woodworking careers, we all develop the desire to move beyond screws and biscuits and into all-wood joinery. Our LS25 Standard Systems match either a 25" or 635mm travel LS positioner with the best INCRA accessories for joinery, and the possibilities nearly endless. The Standard Systems can take you from basics like flawless rabbets, friction-fit dadoes, and repetitive slotting jobs to literally billions of variations of box joints and dovetail joints ranging from traditional to absolutely stunning. Have you ever wondered what makes our systems work? An INCRA Jig is a mechanical fence positioner - its job is to allow any woodworker, regardless of experience, to quickly make a fence setup on a router table within 1/1,000" (0.025mm) of a desired position. In woodworking terms, that's accurate enough to split the line from a sharp pencil into 25 equal parts! And because an INCRA positioner is mechanical in nature, every fence setup is easily repeatable hours or weeks later. The positioning mechanics are as simple as the concept: An LS positioner has only four moving parts. A steel lead screw housed in the sliding carriage threads on 1/32" or 1mm spacing, and a matching set of threads is driven by the large clamping lever. As the lever is raised, the threads mesh, forcing the fence to index, or "center-up" on only perfect multiples of 1/32" or 1mm with no way for you to miss. The Lead Screw (LS) Technology The LS positioner's accuracy is +/- .002" (0.05mm) on the lead screw's 1/32" or 1mm primary increments across its entire range, so it's essentially perfect even without the built-in micro adjust. The large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted in .001" (0.025mm resolution) to tweak the width of a groove or zero the fence against a router bit. The fence used for the Standard Systems is our Pro-II 28" fence, which features a surface that's machined flat in a milling machine and a T-slot for adding fixtures or adding the INCRA Wonder Fence in the future. The Pro-II fence directly accepts the Shop Stop or INCRA Stop, and there's also a telescoping extender bar for stopping grooves being cut into longer boards. This LS Fence system also includes: The Master Reference Guide The Master Reference Guide provides straightforward instructions and 51 joinery templates (25 templates in the metric version) to slide into the positioner to provide a visual reference for each joint pattern. Those templates can produce a mind-boggling variety of joints - 11 box joint patterns and 29 dovetail patterns are included (or 9 metric box joints and 16 metric dovetails), and each one of the dovetail patterns can be cut half blind, through, sliding, or corner post. The number of variations on the standard patterns runs into the billions if you have enough time to experiment. INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture & INCRA Shop Stop Our largest Right Angle Fixture is included to keep workpieces square to the fence and square to the table for joinery operations. Instead of the basic stop block of typical router fences, the included INCRA Shop Stop is based on our patented incremental positioning racks to give you unparalleled accuracy and repeatability when limiting a board's travel across the router bit or setting the endpoints of stopped grooves for drawer and box bottoms. LS Instructional DVD - 82 Minutes The LS systems are topped off with a 1hr, 22min instructional DVD. This great disc is loaded with information - how to take advantage of the optional Wonder Fence's advanced features, cut perfect fitting rabbets and dadoes, and it has full-length instructions for box joints and the four most common styles of dovetail joints.


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