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Olfa 9048 - SK-4 Safety Knife

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The Olfa 9048 - SK-4 Safety Knife is a versatile and reliable tool designed for safe and efficient cutting. With its retractable blade and ergonomic handle, this knife ensures maximum safety and comfort during use. Whether you need to open packages, cut through materials, or perform other cutting tasks, the Olfa 9048 - SK-4 Safety Knife is the perfect tool for the job.

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Safety experts rely on OLFA cutting tools, like this Self-Retracting Safety Knife, because OLFA Safety Knives provide an enhanced level of protection. The knife features a textured, slip-resistant handle that increases grip and control for safer use. A gently curved blade slider and spring blade that automatically retracts add to the knife's safety. Use this knife for cutting light to heavy-duty materials such as cardboard, packaging, film, trimmings, shrink wrap and strapping.

Spring-activated blade self-retracts

Symmetrically shaped, high-impact ABS handle

Stainless steel blade channel

No tool blade change

Convenient lanyard hole

Preloaded with an SKB-2 safety blade

Fits SKB-2, RSKB, HOB Blades

Good For: Use in commercial, industrial, retail and distribution facilities. Cuts corrugated and packaging materials, shrink wrap, plastic, film, strapping and more.


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