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Milwaukee 2203-20 - Dual Range Voltage Detector 10-1000V

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The Milwaukee 2203-20 Dual Range Voltage Detector is a reliable and versatile tool for detecting voltage levels ranging from 10 to 1000 volts. With its dual range feature, it provides accurate readings for both low and high voltage applications. This voltage detector is designed with user safety in mind, featuring a bright LED indicator and audible alerts to quickly and easily identify the presence of voltage. Its compact and durable design makes it perfect for electricians, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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The Milwaukee 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector (2203-20) is the first Non-Contact Voltage Detector with the ability to Light Up, Detect, and Differentiate Automatically.

 The expanded sensitivity range of 10-49V offers the ability to detect voltage in common systems that would normally go undetected when using a standard voltage detector.  

These systems include: LED Lighting, Fire Detection & Suppression Systems, HVAC Controls, and Security & Access Controls, along with many others.  The 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector not only detects, but also differentiates 10-49V from the standard voltage range of 50-1000V.  It does so by using a uniquely colored LED indicators and audible tones, delivering the clearest indication of these two voltage ranges.  

A built-in LED work light allows for increased visibility in low-lit areas, and automatic shut-off after 5 minutes helps preserve battery life.  The 10-1000V Dual Range Voltage Detector is a best-in-class voltage detection solution for any Electrician, HVAC Technician, or Facilities Maintenance Technician.


Automatically Differentiates 10-49V & 50-1000V

Different Colors Identify Voltage Range

Built-In LED Work Light


Pocket Clip

Blade-Tip for Checking Outlets

Constant Power ON LED Indicator

LED Work Light Yes

Tool Warranty : 1 Year

Length : 5.92"

Weight : 0.15 lbs

Height : 0.91"

Width : 0.68"


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