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Freud LI16MAA3 Tungsten & Titanium Carbide Blade

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SPECIFICATIONS Silver ICE™ Item No. LI16MAA3 Diameter 120mm Teeth 12+12 Arbor 20mm Kerf 2.8-3.6mm Machines Adwood® SCM® Holz-Her®For Adjustable ScoringScoring saw blade should be used together with panel sizing blade to avoid chipping on lower side of panels coated on both sides. Scoring depth up to 2mm. Adjustable to the kerf width of the main blade by the use of spacers. Ideal for vertical or sliding table saws where there is no downward pressure on the sheets to hold them flat or for operations wanting to use a series of panel saws and limited scoring blades.* Features TiCo™ High Density Carbide Laminte Blend For Maximum PerformanceRECOMMENDED USE & CUT QUALITY (1/4" to 1-1/2" Ideal Cutting Range) Post Forming Laminates  Excellent


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