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Dual-Port (18V LXT / 12V CXT MAX) Rapid Charger - Makita DC18RE

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Charges 12V MAX CXT (BL1016, BL1021B, BL1041B) and 18V Li-Ion (BL1815N, BL1830B, BL1840B, BL1850B) batteries Dual-Port design enables two batteries to be charged in sequence Optimum charging system regulates thermal, voltage and current during charging cycle to ensure battery cannot be over-charged or over-heated during the charging process Central processing unit (CPU) in battery communicates with charger to analyze battery and charge according to its unique condition Forced air cooling fan keeps battery at optimum charging temperature and prevents over heating Digital power display indicates condition of battery and current charge level (-80%, +80%) Integrated mounting holes/brackets allow charger to be fastened directly to walls, stud frames and more Charges BL1850B 18V Li-Ion 5.0 Ah battery in just 45 minutes! Charges BL1041B 12V MAX CXT Li-Ion 4.0 Ah battery in just 60 minutes!


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