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Multi-function lubricating penetrating Molydal TOP5A2

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The Multi-function lubricating penetrating Molydal TOP5A2 is a high-performance product designed to provide superior lubrication and penetration for various applications. Its advanced formula contains Molydal technology, ensuring long-lasting protection and reducing friction. This versatile product is suitable for use in automotive, industrial, and household settings, making it an essential tool for maintenance and repair tasks. With its exceptional performance and multi-functionality, the Molydal TOP5A2 is the go-to solution for all your lubrication and penetrating needs.
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Multi-function lubricating- penetrating oil - TOP 5 - 650 ml

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DESCRIPTION 5 - Function. Water repellent and lubrication fluid. In addition to its protection and lubrication properties, it also has water repellent characteristics. USE Storage of machined or cut-out parts. Protection of moulds and foundry and glass-making tools. Protection of sporting guns. Lubrication of chains in moist and oxidising conditions. Greasing of all locks, hinges, etc.


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