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Milescraft 3D PantographPRO for Router - Milescraft 1221

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The Milescraft PantographPRO lets you expand your router’s capabilities with fingertip control. Quickly connect/disconnect your router through the TurnLock™ Base Plate. Anything you can print out, you can rout. The only Pantograph that comes mostly assembled right out of the box. This is a complete routing system; including 3 router bits, 3 stylus tips, 2 stencil fonts and line drawings. All necessary hardware is included, all you need is your router and wood. Follow the design with your stylus and let the router do the work! PantographPRO Features: Trace along any letter stencil or line drawing, while your router makes the same cut at a 50% reduction Easily controlled fingertip stylus Attaches easily to most routers using the included TurnLock™ BasePlate Technology and hardware Develop your own stencils using other sources such as a computer, coloring book or any other type of downloaded art Minimal assembly required TurnLock™ BasePlate Clear BasePlate for visibility of work area Tough polycarbonate BasePlate can be modified with a drill or file to fit nonstandard routers Centering pin included for fast accurate BasePlate installation Includes common mounting screws for attachment to most routers Equipped With The Patented TurnLock™ Technology Allows for fast tool-free guide bushing and router attachment exchanges Thumb-activated lock/release mechanism enhances speed and safety when changing tools The TurnLock™ base plate accepts all Milescraft® bushings SPEC Max. Board Height:10" Includes:7" TurnLock™ BasePlate, 2 Font Stencil Sets and line drawings, 3 Router Bits, 3 Stylus Tips, All necessary hardware Router Bits: 1/4" V-Groove, 1/4" Straight, 3/8" Long Reach Core Box Stylus Tips: Large Head, Small Head, Pointed Fonts: Modern and Old English Weight: 6.5 lbs


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