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Long-lasting wax protective fluid Molydal DRYPROTECA2

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Molydal DRYPROTECA2 is a high-performance wax protective fluid designed to provide long-lasting protection for various surfaces. Its advanced formula creates a durable barrier that shields against moisture, dirt, and other environmental elements, ensuring the longevity and appearance of your belongings. With easy application and quick drying time, this product is perfect for protecting your car, furniture, or any other valuable items that require a reliable defense against wear and tear. Trust Molydal DRYPROTECA2 to keep your possessions looking their best for years to come.
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Long-lasting wax protective fluid - DRY PROTEC - 650 ml - Molydal - DRYPROTECA2
DESCRIPTION Very thin wax film, dry to the touch and with very high moisture resistance. Water repellent effect removing drops of water caused by condensation. Does not run and consequently prevent clogging of moulds and soiling around workstations. USE Protection of steel tubes after rolling. Protection of ferrous metals after machining, or as cast. Protection of all types of tooling and injection moulds and for storage of workpieces between machining operations. Protection of chains, bearings, etc.


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