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Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw 1-3/4" - Milwaukee - 49-56-0102

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The Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw by Milwaukee is a high-quality cutting tool designed for precision and durability. With a diameter of 1-3/4", this hole saw is perfect for creating clean and accurate holes in various materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Its bi-metal construction ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear, while the advanced tooth geometry allows for efficient cutting and reduced vibration. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, the Milwaukee Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saw is a reliable and versatile tool that will make your drilling tasks a breeze.

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The HOLE DOZER Bi-Metal Hole Saws by Milwaukee new 3.5 TPI tooth design offers you the longest life in metal applications. These MILWAUKEE HOLE DOZER Bi-Metal Hole Saws feature the industry's only Lifetime Tooth Break Warranty and can take on all general purpose applications, making them the most durable hole saws. The ALL-ACCESS SLOTS solve the frustration of plug removal, making you more productive with less downtime between holes. The new slot design also gives you increased pilot visibility for accurate placement and faster chip ejection keeping your cut cool. HOLE DOZER Thermoset Coating allows for faster cutting and is optimized for cordless tools, delivering you 25% more holes per charge. The HOLE DOZER Bi-Metal hole saws by Milwaukee are proudly made in the USA.


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