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Boron nitride coating Non-stick welding Molydal NB25A1

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The Boron Nitride Coating Non-stick Welding Molydal NB25A1 is a high-performance product designed to enhance welding processes. This innovative coating provides a non-stick surface, preventing adhesion of molten metal and reducing spatter during welding. With its exceptional thermal stability and excellent lubricity, this product ensures smooth and efficient welding operations. The Molydal NB25A1 coating is specifically formulated with boron nitride, a material known for its exceptional heat resistance and low friction properties. Improve your welding experience with this advanced solution that promotes cleaner welds and increases productivity.
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Boron nitride coating - Non-stick welding - NB 25 - 520 ml

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DESCRIPTION Dry layer providing surface protection up to 1000°C. Free from silicone and chlorinated solvents. Polymerization: 15 minutes. USE It is used for the protection of welding nozzles, but also for the protection of all types of parts subject to high temperatures.


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