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AccuDrillMate - Milescraft 1318

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The AccuDrillMate by Milescraft 1318 is a versatile and precise drilling guide that allows you to achieve professional results with ease. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional woodworker, this tool is designed to help you drill perfectly straight holes every time. With its adjustable depth stop and built-in V-groove, you can easily align and secure your drill for accurate drilling. The AccuDrillMate is compatible with most handheld drills and is ideal for various applications such as woodworking, metalworking, and more. Take your drilling skills to the next level with the AccuDrillMate.

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A Portable Drill Stand For Use Almost Anywhere
Drill straight holes all the time! With the AccuDrillMate you can drill straight or angled holes, drill on the edge of a board or even round stock. Compatible with 3/8” and 1/2” power drills and works with most 3/8” drill accessories. This all metal construction AccuDrillMate provides the precision of a drill press with the ease of a hand drill.
Metal head with fixed depth stop and easy-glide bearings:

Fast attachment of drill
Smooth operation with high precision
Fixed positioning of drill height

Metal base with scale, V-grooves, mounting holes and rubber feet:

Easy to read angles
Centering of round materials
Self-centering bottom
Permanent mounting with screws possible
Non-slip base when used with feet

Solid steel rods with angle adjustment knobs:

No deflection
Easy adjustment of angle settings

Metal angle adjusters:

Interlock with metal base for secure angle drilling

Adjustable depth stop:

Precise depth for repetitive drilling


Controlled drilling
Prevents cutting tool from hitting work piece

Auxiliary handle: 
Can be mounted in fixed position on the base or on the metal guide head to support drilling motion.


Metal and plastic


3/8" Keyed

Drill Bit Clearance

Always: Maximum 8.88"

Drill Head Clearance with Spring and Depth Stop

Max Travel: 6.23"
Minimum Drill Bit Length: 2.65"

Drill Head Clearance without Spring and Depth Stop

Max Travel: 8.15"
Minimum Drill Bit Clearance: 0.73"

Compatible with

3/8” and 1/2” power drills


4.13 lbs


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