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9" steel demon bi-metal recip blade - Freud DS0908BFD5C

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Diablo Steel Demon reciprocating saw blades are specifically designed for maximum performance in metal demolition applications. The blade’s ultra hardened cutting edge delivers up to five times longer life than those of standard blades. Dual Tooth design features a double tooth configuration with small gullets for faster material removal and extra durability.Perma-SHIELD coating protects the blade from heat gumming and corrosionThick demolition blade body for extreme durabilityUltra hardened edge increases the hardness of the cutting edge to a Rockwell Hardness of HRC 62 versus HRC 55 for standard bladesDiablo STEEL DEMON® Bi-Metal Reciprocating Blades deliver 5x the performance of standard blades. The ultra hardened edge is created through a unique heat treatment process that optimizes the bi-metal teeth durability.Tool Use: Reciprocating SawMaterials: MetalITEM # DS0908BFD5Length 9"TPI 8/10Tooth Design Dual ToothPackage Qty 5 Pack


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