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This construction calculator from Calculated Indutries (4056) is ideal for contractors, builders, architects, engineers, tradespersons, advanced do-it-yourselfers. Features: Complete rafter, roof and framing solutions: Custom Rafter function gives you common Rafters, regular and irregular hips, valleys and jacks. Jack rafter feature provides compelete solution for regular and irregular pitch roofs. Displays on-center spacing. Linear, area and volume solutions: Works in and converts between all building dimensional formats: Metric, feet-inch-fractions and yards, including area and volumes. Stair solutions are nearly automatic: Complete stair calculations for risers, treads, stringer lenght and incline angle. Displays run and rise.  Built-in right-angle calculations Circular solutions for arcs, columns, pillars, windows, post-holes and more. Rake-wall function determinesstud lenght for any on-center spacing in descending order.  Board feet lumber estimating. Backspace key: Makes it easy to change just-entered values Cost per unit: easily solve unit costing and pricing. "Parperless" tape: Allows for review of last 20 entries; double-check totals. Automatic shut-off saves battery life.


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