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12" Type 80 AS-2 spirit level - Stabila 29012

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The 12" Type 80 AS-2 spirit level by Stabila is a high-quality and reliable tool for ensuring precise and accurate leveling. With its durable construction and easy-to-read vials, this spirit level is perfect for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're hanging shelves, installing cabinets, or working on any other project that requires precise leveling, this Stabila spirit level will help you achieve perfect results every time.
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If you’re looking for an accurate and reliable spirit level with a slim profile, this level is it. Its key highlight comes in the form of two vertical vials that enable readings in any position. The type 80 AS-2 reinforced aluminium rectangular profile, together with STABILA installation technology, ensures accuracy and a long service life. The vials and the measuring surfaces align perfectly with one another during the production process and are permanently connected, guaranteeing the very best in measuring accuracy over many years. This is a spirit level that delivers performance.
Aluminium rectangular profile with reinforcing ribs – for high stability and secure hold while working.
Two vertical vials allow quick readings in any position.
Integrated anti-slip stoppers allow for a firm hold when marking – the spirit level does not slip.
STABILA high-quality vials for optimum readability – highly transparent, hard-wearing acrylic glass with precision-ground inner contours and fluorescent vial liquid.
STABILA installation technology ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal position is ± 0.5 mm/m and ± 0.75 mm/m in reverse position.
Spirit level with two measuring surfaces – accurate measuring in all positions.
Coated measuring surfaces protect delicate surfaces.
Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact.
Easy to clean thanks to the electrostatic powder coating.
Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 2 vertical vials (12" with 1 vertical vial), 2 coated measuring surfaces.
The spirit level is especially suitable for use in the fields of tiling, carpentry, landscape work, as well as reinforced concrete construction.

Technical data
Measurement accuracy in normal position: ±1/32in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in reverse position: ±3/64in @ 72in
Number of measuring surfaces: 2
Profile: Rectangular profile with ribs
End caps: Standard / Wall Grips


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