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Winter season is in full swing, but, hopefully, the worst is behind us. Working in the garage or in the shop often means having to deal with small spaces. It is therefore of the uttermost importance to take advantage of all the space available. To do so, one can spend long hours trying to build a customized portative shop simply to save space. Can we make this simpler?

Yes, we can! The solution to all these problems is now (finally!) available to all. It’s the new mobile workbench Port-a-mate, the PM-8000. We’ve asked one of our sales counselor de try it over the weekend and to come back with his very own appreciation of the product. Good news for you, since it’s always better to know all of the characteristics before cashing.
Another good news, he LOVED it.

Let’s start by describing its main function, which leaves no one indifferent. The mobile workbench PM‑8000 helps you save space by offering two (2) supports for the price of one. Indeed, you can rotate the table top, so you only have to raise the latch on each side to work with one surface or the other. Then, you fix your planer, your miter saw or your table saw, and rotate them when you need a tool free workspace. Since the fasteners are strong and resistant, there’s no need to be scared of letting your machine slip or breaking it. It’s also faster to store, considering you can move your work surface and your tools both at the same time, to the same place. No need to store everything separately anymore! You will save time and stop wasting some on storing your tools. While we’re mentioning transportation, you must know that the table has two 10” incredibly resistant wheels that will help moving it and that will allow it to go over small obstacles like wires, as if there were none. At the table front, you will find adjustable legs that promise you a straight work surface no matter the leveling of the floor. The handle is retractable, so it keeps out of the way while you work.

That being said, maybe some of you will think that something is wrong, that it cannot be that perfect. Well, let’s face it, it is! In addition to taking less than 10 minutes to put together, the workbench Port-a-mate PM-8000 can extend up to 7 foot of work surface if you need it. Its two foldable extensions have adjustable platforms on top, which allow you to level them to your miter saw’s height.

In short, building yourself such a wonderful workbench isn’t possible. Time and materials will cost you more than buying this one. It has an excellent price-quality value. And that’s without mentioning the space you’ll save in your garage or in your shop! It’s a no brainer when a solution as simple, efficient and durable as this one is available. And it’s here.

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