2" 23 gauge headless super pinner - Grex P650LX

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- The 2" 23 gauge headless super pinner - Grex P650LX is the most powerful 23 gauge pin nailer. 

The larger motor on this pinner means you can use smaller compressors that have difficulty maintaining higher air pressures or compressors shared with lower psi tools. 

To prevent premature wear on internal parts, please raise pressure over 90psi only when necessary. 

This tool gives about 1.2x power of P650L. Tunning the P650LX at 100 psi is like running the P650L at 120 psi. 

- The P650LX is the most ROBUST 23 gauge pin nailer. 

The improved nose guide design offers an even more robust tool that lets this pinner drive the longest pins into the hardest woods. 

The improved driver blade design and construction lets you drive more pins before needing to replace it. 

The all-new reversible hardened steel belt hook offers extreme durability and convenience. 

- The P650LX has the most advanced safety design. 

Contact safety with an integrated auto lock-out that alerts you when there are 10 pins remaining and prevents dry firing and empty holes. 

Patent pending all-new one-touch over-ride lets you drive the remaining auto lock-out pins with juste a single touch. 

- Keep tool lubricated. Add 2 drops of pneumatic tool oil (not compressor oil) for every 2,000 pins driven. 

- Only use 23 gauge headless pins. This tool is designed with tight tolerances to minimize jamming. Using slight headed pins will damage the tool. 

- Use grex 23 gauge headless pins for best performance. Longer pins are stiffer than shorter ones to drive into hardwoods better. There're also less likely to deflect in difficult woods. 

- Match the operating pressure to the work being done to set pins properly and minimize jamming and damage the tool. 

- Always drive fasteners in opposing angles - toe-nailing. This gives better holding power. If pin is accidentally drive into metal, it also allows pin to glance off and minimize damage to the driver. 

- Always load fasteners with arrows pointed down. Only load a single pin length in tool at a time. Not doing so can cause jamming. 

- Make sure the nose of the tool is held firmly onto the work piece to allows pints to set properly below wood surface. 


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